Esportainment, tools for internal organization loyalty. The Impulsa Talentum Foundation, present at GES 2023.


The Impulsa Talentum Foundation will be present at the upcoming GES edition on Thursday, November 26. The Global Esportainment Summit in Barcelona is the most important meeting of its kind in Europe for electronic sports.

Following the collaboration agreement between both institutions, the Impulsa Talentum Foundation aims to showcase how the esportainment sector can be used as a tool to enhance employees' performance, retain talent, and even improve the health of members within companies and organizations.

According to Bru Recolons, President of the Foundation, "We want to break the paradigm that virtual reality and video games are distorting and unhealthy elements. We have demonstrated that the proper use of esports and gaming within companies enhances work performance, fosters team relationships, and stimulates the brain to become more productive and efficient." Recolons concludes, "It's a tool to identify and enhance both soft and technical skills, ultimately to boost our talent."

In this regard, the agenda will feature a presentation by Michael Blackman, Founder and CEO of Integrated Systems Europe and Vice President of the Impulsa Talentum Foundation, discussing the value of audiovisual content in the future of companies, not only for external communication but also for internal organizational relations. Dr. Marc Montolio, from Lucatia and PRESBIT, will introduce a topic that goes beyond with the title "Vision and Brain Activity in VR, Positive Impact?"

Seducing talent and making our companies more attractive to reduce employee turnover, as well as retaining talent, will be the final part of the event. This will be delivered through a keynote by President of the Foundation, Bru Recolons, and PhD in Systems Architect, José Nájera. They will focus on how companies in the gaming sector can, in a competitive, challenging, and rapidly changing environment, improve their strategies to retain talent and eliminate excessive turnover, which threatens their growth.

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